Qigong For Face Skin Care


So as promised, let me share what I learned from my practise of a form of Tibetan (Mizong) Qigong for your face skin care.

This is how this face skin care qigong is practised to improve your skin texture and firmness.

First workout till your hypothalamus in your brain tells your body to sweat ( sounds kinda scientific, ha?) Well nature has it that, when your body gets heated up from exercise, the brain knows how to send signal to your sweat glands to make you sweat. Sweating is a way your body removes excess heat so that you don’t burn out.

Now, after working out to a sweat, sit down comfortably, preferably on a stool. Bring both your palms to cover the sides of your face. The qi or life force that you have generated from your workout ( min. 15 minutes) will begin to warm your facial skin to create a kind of sauna effect. Coupled with the ammonia, urea, salt and sugar from your sweat, this creates a natural toning and firming for your face skin care. Leave both your palms on your face for about 15 to 20 minutes. As you do this practise often, you will notice the pores of your skin becoming smaller thereby improving your skin texture and firming up your face.

After any exercise, be sure to rest for awhile and clean up by having a good bath. Hot or cold, it’s all right.

NOTE : If you wish, you can follow the Tibetan Qigong workout which is simple to learn but difficult to master but generally before sitting down to tone and firm your face, any workout will do.

This tibetan face skin care workout routine involve movements that are generally circular in motion. For example.

– 1. Swinging both the hands by sweeping upwards to the back and let the hands drop down to swing backwards as much as possible.

– 2. Propelling the hands at the sides such that when one hand is up the other is down. ( Do this in a relax manner by closing your eyes ). When it is done correctly your mind and body is in sync and your hands feel light. You will feel as if the swinging of your hands is effortless. This is where the qi is moving you.

– 3. Standing with feet slightly apart, put your hands just slightly forward in a relax manner and rotate your waist and hands in a circular motion like as if there is a hula hoop around your waist that you are trying to prevent from dropping.

These are just some of the workout part of the qigong practise before we do the sitting down and sometimes standing meditative style where we actually draw qi from the surrounding.


After your 15 to 20 minute workout and bringing your body to a sweat,sit yourself comfortably on a stool and bring both your palms as if supporting your chin. Try to let your index and middle fingers extend to cover the area just under your ear. Whilst doing this, try to relax and let your mind be free of any thought. If that is difficult, at least just have happy thoughts by keeping a smile on your face. Do this for about 15 to 20 minutes. It will not only improve your immune system but also your face skin care.

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